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Roast level: Medium

Southern Pecan Cream Flavored Coffee

Rated 80/100 based on 3 customer reviews

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Tasting notes:
Rich and sweet, our Southern Pecan Cream Flavored Coffee is a favorite for its full-bodied roast and creamy, pitch-perfect flavor. Toasted pecan notes tie with creamy undertones to produce the perfect cup of buttery brew.

Bean Profile:

  • Roast: French


The pecan is a very American nut. Most of the world’s pecans grow here in the U.S., and most of them are also eaten here. In a way, the pecan is like a delicious secret Americans have kept to ourselves. Why do we guard our pecans so closely?

We think the main reason for our national passion for pecans has to be the flavor. Softly sweet and buttery, pecans taste great in savory dishes and also in desserts like the classic Southern favorites, pecan pralines and pecan pie. And of course, pecan flavor complements coffee perfectly!

The secret of pecans seems to be getting out. In just the past few years, the Chinese have discovered pecans and are quickly developing their own national passion for the American nut they now consider a delicacy.

Recent Reviews Write a review

Rated 100/100
March 22, 2013
I love this coffee. I like pecans and this coffee is right up my alley. It's delicious and smooth.

Thank You The Roasterie for always making me a Happy Customer!!

Rated 40/100
August 13, 2010
Southern Pecan Cream Flavored Coffee
Just OK.

Rated 100/100
April 25, 2010
Southern Pecan Cream Flavored Coffee
My favorite flavored coffee.

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