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Classic Cup Cafe Blend Single Serve - 12ct

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Tasting notes:
The flavor profile of this coffee is sweet and refined. A sugary peach aroma develops the mild yet noticeably crisp acidity. Subtle jasmine floral tones float together with sweet ripe orange and fresh wild honey notes. Sweet and smooth in the finish, this blend is perfect any time of day.

Bean Profile:

  • Origin: Central America, South America, Indonesia 
  • Roast: Vienna

12ct single serve cups. Compatible with most popular single serve brewers.


The Classic Cup restaurant has been a Kansas City tradition since 1989. In 1994, using our Kansas City Blend as a benchmark, we did a cupping session with The Classic Cup’s staff members to create a signature blend for the restaurant, a coffee especially designed to complement a light and fruity menu. This is the result, and we think it’s especially perfect to enjoy with desserts like the ones The Classic Cup is famous for.

At The Roasterie, we source the world's best coffee beans and carefully air-roast them to bring out each coffee's ideal flavor profile. Now, we've found a way to pack this same premium coffee in single serve cups immediately after roasting. The result? A cup that's fresh, full-flavaored and ready to savor - at home, in the office or on the go.

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