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Roast level: Medium

Super Tuscan Espresso Decaf

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Tasting notes:
Like the famous wine of Tuscany, this sensuous blend delivers a buttery-sweet, soft and mellow, full-bodied flavor that simply melts in your mouth. Connoisseurs may note hints of cocoa, a unique nuttiness and pear tones.

Bean profile:

  • Origin: Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala
  • Roast: French


This is the decaf version of our Super Tuscan Espresso.

Our Super Tuscan Espresso is the brainchild of The Roasterie’s founder Danny O’Neill and was developed with input from many of the most discerning taste buds in the specialty coffee business. Danny worked on this blend for months, taking it with him whenever he traveled to tasting competitions in order to get feedback from fellow coffee experts. He used their feedback to fine-tune the blend until it evolved into the spectacular espresso we offer today. Super Tuscan is our number one selling espresso, and The Roasterie is proud to say it’s one of the most complex and delicious espressos on the market.

Very balanced and rich, Super Tuscan is our trademark espresso. It’s also the espresso we use in all of our collaborations. For example, it’s in our Dizzy Three espresso vodka, our Super Tuscan Barbeque Sauce and Super Tuscan Barbeque Rub, and also the different chocolates that are made by Christopher Elbow and AndrĂ©’s.

Here’s what had to say about Super Tuscan Espresso:

“Superbly and naturally sweet espresso. Complex in the aroma: caramel, milk chocolate, hints of nuts, flowers, pear-toned fruit. In the small cup medium-bodied but very smooth, gently pungent, with semi-sweet chocolate and a hint of smoke. Very sweet finish, long and cleanly rich. Fills out milk nicely with plump semi-sweet chocolate and a continued slight smoky, pungent edge.”


4 Item(s)

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Rated 100/100
October 1, 2016
How do they do it? This is so mellow, smooth, and tasty! It's too easy to make great coffee with this. (I use a french press with a course grind.)

Rated 100/100
July 18, 2016
So good!
This is amazing. This just tastes like great coffee. This matches the few best cups of coffee I can remember having in restaurants over the years--and now I can have that at any time! The only other Roasterie coffee I've had besides this is Midnight Rondezvous, and this one is a lot better. (I use a french press and manual grinder.)

Rated 100/100
March 4, 2015
Ruined for Life
I have loved coffee since I was a child. As I got older, my heart thought differently. I stopped drinking it, but missed everything about it so much, that I decided to try the bitter decaf options. For the past 10 years I've been experimenting with various brands, looking for something I might like. I had never had The Roasterie's coffee until we went to a tour last month. I came home with 3 bags of different decafs and was happy with them, until I tasted the Super Tuscan Espresso Decaf. I am spoiled for life!!!!! I cannot say enough awesome things about this decaf coffee. I no long feel I'm missing out on any flavor full caf coffee gives. I am so impressed with the Roasterie, I will never drink any other coffee again. <slliiirrrrpppp> aaaahhhhh, I'm home.

Rated 100/100
January 9, 2010
Super Tuscan Espresso Decaf
Super Tuscan Espresso Decaf and Gotham are superb.

4 Item(s)

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