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Coffee products: shop for The Roasterie merchandise

Find gifts, gift cards, apparel, equipment and all kinds of gear for brewing, drinking, cooking with and proclaiming your love for coffee.

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  1. Apparel

    Coffee wearables from The Roasterie featuring men's, women's, kids and toddlers apparel available in multiple sizes. >> Shop Apparel
  2. Mugs and Cups

    Coffee merchandise mug and cup products from The Roasterie including The Roasterie classics or support for your local soccer team, Sporting Kansas City. >> Shop Mugs and Cups
  3. Equipment

    The Roasterie's recommended coffee equipment including teapots, kettles, presses, grinders, brewers, tampers, cleaners, filters and more. >> Shop Equipment
  4. Posters

    Coffee merchandise and art from The Roasterie including different vintage style and award winning posters and signs for any room or location. >> Shop Posters
  5. Culinary

    Coffee culinary products by The Roasterie including barbeque rub, barbeque sauce, ketchup and balsamic vinegar all made with coffee beans. >> Shop Culinary
  6. Iced Coffee