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Iced Coffee

   Preparing Cold Brewed Coffee The Roasterie Way

When making cold brew, coarsely ground beans (French press/ Cold Brew grind) are best.  It is essential that your water have an element of ‘hardness’ to it as this is needed for proper extraction to occur in the steeping process. Water quality and taste plays a huge role in the coffee’s overall flavor and clarity.

  1. Insert stopper into the outside bottom of  brewing container, dampen the replaceable round filter and insert into the inside bottom of the brewing container.
  2. Add 1 cup (235 mL) of water into the bottom of brewing container.  Add 6z (170g) of ground coffee on top of water. (Ground on french press/coarse grind).
  3. Slowly pour 3 more cups (710mL) of water over the grounds.  Add 6z of coffee on top of mixture.
  4. Add 3 more cups (710mL) of water to brewing container.  Break crust/ push dry grounds below water surface. Do NOT stir.
  5. Lightly cover with a piece of plastic, unsealed.  Let steep for 16 hours.
  6. To drain: Remove the stopper and let concentrate flow into glass decanter. (Refrigerate, expires in 14 days).


  1. Serve at a ratio of 1 part concentrate to 1 part water/milk.  For lighter brighter coffee, serve at a 1 part coffee 2 parts water ratio.
  2. Fill ice half way up cup, add water/milk to ice and top off with coffee concentrate- stir.

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  1. Cold Brew Blend

    Cold Brew Blend


    Rich, full bodied blend with notes of baker's chocolate, red cherry, and a subtle caramel sweetness.  Enjoy a surprisingly bright finish that leaves a sparkle on your tongue.

    Origins: Mexico, Brazil & Kenya

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  2. Cold Bruer

    Cold Bruer


    The Cold Bruer uses cold brew technique and amplifies the natural complexity of your coffee. Learn More
  3. Toddy - At Home Brewer Kit

    Toddy - At Home Brewer Kit


    At home iced coffee brewer.

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  4. Toddy Reusable Filter 2 Pack

    Toddy Reusable Filter 2 Pack


    Toddy filters are uniquely designed specifically for cold brew filtration, extracting all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee and tea, and leaving behind the bitter acids and oils attached to their warm brew counterparts.

    Learn More

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