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Employment Opportunities - Bean Team


The Roasterie was built on grassroots marketing; old-fashioned hitting the pavement and pushing our product. This practice continues today. The Roasterie is present at hundreds of events annually, serving tens of thousands of cups of coffee to current & prospective customers. As we are continuing to grow as a company, we are looking to add to our Bean Team to help with spread our love for what we do, make amazing coffee. This a Part-Time postion, with hours varying from 0-15+, with the opportunity to grow within the Company. 

What we are looking for in a Brand Ambassador:

  • You love and have a passion for coffee, and the Roasterie

  • Know your City and demographics within it

  • Can captivate an audience, while educating them on coffee and products

  • Love people, and interacting with them at events

  • Team Player

  • Energetic

  • Willingness to learn more about products and educate others

  • Self-Starter

  • Have a flexible schedule and are willing to work in the morning, afternoon, or at night. (varies with each event).

  • Must be able to think on your feet, steer a conversation in the right direction; a natural influencer.

  • Must possess confidence, a professional and enthusiastic attitude, and great communication skills.

  • Is reliable and trustworthy with little to no Oversight.

  • Must be detail oriented, and able to follow up with a report on the event afterwards.

Dress Code:

  • Shirt: Bean Team Shirt, Polo, or Long Sleeve (Depending on the season)

  • Pants: Black Slacks, Black Jeans, or shorts (depending on the event)

  • Shoes: Closed toe, black, dress (when necessary)

  • Appearance: Remember, you are representing a Brand and a Company.

Onsite and Day of Event Responsibilities:

  • Help with serving coffee

  • Engage and Bring in a crowd, be excited and passionate about what you are educating them on and telling them about the Roasterie.

  • Educate on any blend, cold brew, or Nitro that you are serving

  • Flavor notes, how long does it take to make Cold Brew, why is Nitro called Nitro

  • Educate on products, tours (tour times), Food Truck Brunch

  • Essentially you are a sales-rep. You are educating them on a product, and ultimately trying to get them to buy more of our brand. Get them into the cafés, take tours, etc.

  • Educate on any upcoming events, or any happenings going on at the Roasterie.


  • You will be responsible for being educated on all coffee that you are serving, or is being served, at an event.

  • Be excited to share information, or answer any questions people might have. Share your passion for the product. 

  • All Bean Team Ambassadors will be trained on the different blends, and types of coffee you will be educating on. 
  • Must be able to lift minimum of 20lbs.

Email Resumes and Cover Letters to