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There's nothing that can't be accomplished over a cup of coffee. But, of course, you might consider a conventional phone call or e-mail for questions, comments or suggestions:
(816) 931-4000
(800) 376-0245

Click here to contact us by email.

For events or donation requests, please see our Donation Policy before completing our donation request form below. 

For private tour inquiries, please see our Tour Information page.

The Roasterie does not currently have a coffee or espresso catering program. But if you're interested in having your next event coffee catered, contact Espresso Ah La Cart Catering. They use The Roasterie coffee and espresso, and they'll ensure your next event is a roastin' coffee hit!
Espresso Ah La Cart Catering
Dave Nepstad (913) 645-3507

For more contact information about our cafes, click here.

Donation Policy

Here at The Roasterie, we love people, and we love helping people. In fact, we wish we could help everyone, but if we did that, we couldn’t afford to pay our fantastic staff or buy the best beans in the world. Still, we try to help when we can.

Because we’re a small — but growing! — company, The Roasterie is unable to provide cash sponsorships at this time. Occasionally, we are able to provide in- kind donations of brewed coffee or auction items to non-profit organizations working with hungry people — especially children — in the Kansas City area. That doesn’t mean we don’t love puppies, the environment or church/school fundraisers — we do! But in order to be sustainable from seed to cup, we need to focus our limited resources where we feel we’re needed most in our community.

If you believe you have a cause that fits this mission, complete our donation request form. We can’t promise we’ll be able to donate to your event, but we promise we’ll look at the form and seriously consider it. The more notice and details you give us, the better. And we won’t even mind if you call to follow up.

Please note: It is highly unlikely that The Roasterie will be able to respond to donation requests received with less than 30 days' notice.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Complete this donation request form here.

The Roasterie in the News

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Press Inquiries

For press inquiries, contact K Squared Communications:
Katie Van Luchene 913-485-1059