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Sporting Blend

Sporting Blend

Rated 100/100 based on 6 customer reviews

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Tasting notes:
Delicate and pleasing brightness with a sweet, mesquite-like aftertaste.

Bean profile:

  • Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra
  • Roast: French


We could not be happier or more proud to partner with and be the official coffee of Sporting Kansas City. Not only do our cultures and values totally align, but so does our love for all things Kansas City.

This unique blend, created especially for the great fans of Sporting KC is smooth and satisfying, like the sweet taste of victory.

Recent Reviews Write a review

Rated 100/100
February 14, 2017
I love this flavor!
My husband and I took a tour of the production facility on 2/11/17. I purchased a sample of this blend and LOVED it! Very smooth, not bitter. I cant seem to find it locally, so I'm going to order from their website! We are a soccer family, so maybe this is why I liked it so much? :)

Rated 100/100
February 14, 2017
Fantastic coffee!
The Sporting Blend is amazing, But I wish I could buy it in the larger bag!

Rated 100/100
April 21, 2016
The best to date
I love finding a new whole bean coffee everywhere I go. I'm from Kansas, but had never had a chance to visit The Roasterie until a few weeks ago when I was in the city for a wedding. I decided on the Sporting Blend because I love Sporting KC and soccer in general (I know, cliché choice). But I'm glad I did! It's the perfect pick-me-up in the morning (and often in the early afternoon as I'm still finishing it. I plan on buying it online even when I move because it's one that I just can't be without!

Rated 100/100
August 1, 2015
A very pleasing lighter blend.
I recently bought a box of the K- cups to try. I was very surprised to find the flavor to be very interesting. I am normally a dark coffee drinker, but this blend was very satisfying especially after a large meal. The Sporting KC blend will definitely take a place next to the my go to 40 Sardine blend on my coffee shelf. And for the Sporting KC fans out there, I Believe That This Is Great. Because it truly is.

Rated 100/100
July 25, 2015
There is only one phrase that describes this...
I Believe That This Is Good!

Rated 100/100
August 2, 2014
Our favorite coffee to brew at home
We often get the large bag of the City of Fountains Blend at Costco to save money and trips to the store but I often find myself pining for the smaller bags of Sporting Blend. Most recently we have brewed City of Fountains Blend on weekdays and Sporting Blend on weekends. I am always excited to brew a pot of Sporting Blend. I would like to see the ability to find similar flavor profiles through this site so we could identify other coffees we may like to try. I may be missing that functionality and am relying on the review system. I am surprised no one has reviewed this coffee yet Try it if you haven't, its great just like SKC.