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Rwanda Gaseke

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Tasting Notes:

Crisp and bright with notes of brown sugar, pear, and subtle spice.



12 oz. bag


Bean Profile:

Origin: Rwanda
Distrikt: Nyakabuye
Washing Station: Gaseke
Elevation: 4875 ft
Grower: 396 smallholder farmers
Processing: Fully washed
Varietals: Bourbon, Jackson and Mibirizi


Appreciation of this wonderfully bright, crisp coffee is deepened by understanding how Rwanda’s development of coffee production is tethered to its political history.

Prior to the year 2000, Rwanda’s annual coffee exports consisted almost entirely of home processed semi-washed green coffee, a processing method prone to problems: Improper fermenting, washing, and drying of beans lead to coffees that lacked uniformity and sweetness.

However, the coffee supply chain become a key focus of development and growth as efforts were made to stabilize Rwanda after the 1994 genocide socially and economically devastated the country. By the early 2000’s, the national government, international organizations, and the local coffee industry strategized to improve coffee quality via the adoption of the fully washed processed method facilitated by the construction of local washing stations. Washing stations grant increased control over the de-pulping, fermenting, washing, and drying of beans and lead to consistently enhanced coffee quality. With 300 washing stations nationwide, 65% of Rwanda’s current coffee exports are of fully washed coffee.

Rwacof, a subsidiary of Sucafina SA that exports a large share of Rwandan coffee, was instrumental in pioneering the country’s specialty coffee production. As one of the first foreign companies to invest in Rwanda following the conflict, they organized the large numbers of smallholder farmers into producer organizations and improved access to washing stations. Beyond providing the crucial link between roasters and growers, Rwacof strives to improve the resilience and profitability of farmers by integrating women and young people in the coffee value chain, training farmers on sustainable agricultural practices, and improving nutrition through education and subsistence gardens. Their work ensures that coffee production in Rwanda has a bright, robust future.

This coffee is brought to us from smallholder farmers at the Gaseke washing station, a coffee processing spot in operation since 2016. Their efforts shine through in this offering. With notes of brown sugar, pear, and subtle spice, Gaseke beautifully represents the country’s evolution of coffee production.