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Nepal Lekali Estate

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Bean Profile:

Grower: Nema Tenzing

Farm: Lekali Estate

Region: Nuwakot District

Altitude: 2950-5250 feet

Proc. Method: Fully washed

Varietals: Caturra, Typica

Syrupy in body with notes of brown spice and dried fruit before a balanced and smooth finish.

Sizing Information:

12 oz. bag

Roast Level



Nepal is an incredibly tiny and brand new producing country in the specialty coffee market. Having not grown any specialty coffee until the 1980's, they still export only about a million pounds of green coffee each year - less than we as just one roaster serve in a calendar year. Despite being a tiny player in the producing market, Nepal is making big time waves in the industry, the vast majority of which being made by Nima Tenzing, the producer of our lot. Nima was one of the first specialty producers in the country, and after a few years of success and developing his expertise as a coffee grower, harvester, and processor, he is now turning to his neighboring community largely in a mentoring role to help educate local producers on best practices and to continue building the quality and quantity of great coffees coming out of Nepal.