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Guatemala La Huerta

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Tasting Notes:

Full-bodied and round with notes of pomegranate, stone fruit and subtle florals.


Sizing Information:

12 oz. bag


Bean Profile:

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango; La Libertad

Grower: Rendardo Ovalle Vides

Farm: Finca El Rincon

Geographic Coordinates: 15°33'16.24"N 91°56’27.72“W

Altitude: 4,900 ft

Proc. Method: Fully washed and Sun-dried on raised beds

Varietals: Bourbon and Caturra

Soil: Clay Loam


A shining example of sustainable and responsible coffee farming with a commitment to innovation and quality, the Vides family has an incredible coffee operation including three beautiful farms in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. La Bolsa, El Rincon, and Las Terrazas together provide just under 350 acres of beautiful land full of well-maintained, full and healthy coffee trees as well as many other plants including plenty of local flora. Renardo Ovalle Vides and his family are as focused on sustainability, responsibility and ethical practices as much as they are quality and consistency in the product. With Rainforest Alliance certification at La Bolsa for more than 13 years, and currently pending certification at El Rincon. Renardo operates all of his farms under RFA standards - taking into account the social, ecological and agronomic impact of the farms to ensure that people, plants and animals, and the earth alike are being treated in a way that will foster growth, healthy development and a sustained operation for decades to come. Guatemala La Frontera is a perfect representation of the farms it comes from; delicious and perfectly clean in the cup, metaphorically reflective of the practice and processes of the farmer who produces it. This unique offering is a micro lot selection of our main Guatemala La Frontera offering. This La Huerta lot has been isolated from a tiny plot of land on the El Rincon farm and is fantastic compliment to La Frontera. With notes of pomegranate, stone fruit, and subtle florals, taste La Huerta side by side with our main offering to experience just how significant the role of a farm's micro-climate can play into a coffee's flavor profile.