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Brazil Fazenda Lagoa Icatu

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Bright, clean and buttery with notes of almond, pear and honeysuckle.

Size: 12oz


Origin: Brazil

Region: Minas Gerais

Farm: Fazenda Lagoa

Grower: Adolfo Vieira

Elevation: 2,500 feet

Variety: Icatu

Processing: Natural


Our history with the Fazenda Lagoa farm goes back more than 20 years, when we first began purchasing the coffee from Marcelo Vieira, owner and farmer of Fazenda Lagoa and former President of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association. The relationship of the entire supply chain, from Marcelo and his cousin Adolfo, to Maria Dirceia and her team at SMC Specialty Coffee who export the coffee, to our friend Steve Bauer at Paragon on the importing side, has been increasingly strengthened throughout the years as evidenced by many examples of sacrifice by all parties for the benefit of the others at different times throughout the years. One such example is the story of this incredibly special Icatu micro lot. A few months ago we got a call from Adolfo at Fazenda Lagoa offering to provide us a free lot of small-batch, micro lot coffee (what?!) as a gift to honor our many years of working together in an amazing relationship. Of course, knowing all the hard work and painstaking diligence that goes into every pound of great coffee produced, much less an entire lot, we declined to take the coffee for free, but agreed to taste a sample of the coffee, assign it a price according to its quality and taste, and bring in the coffee to serve to our friends and family in Kansas City. We ended up paying just under $4 a pound for the coffee, and we were so excited when we heard that Adolfo had decided to pay it forward by passing along 100% of the money from this sale to the workers on the farm; the harvesters, millers, and administration staff that have proudly stood behind the  Fazenda Lagoa coffee for 20+ years. It is for reasons like this that we consider this relationship one of our most precious, and we look forward to many years of continued partnership with this entire supply chain.