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Costa Rica Geisha

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Tasting Notes:

Perfectly round and delicate with notes of sweet plum, apple and peach before a unique orange blossom finish.


Sizing Information:

8 oz. Whole Bean


Bean Profile:

Origin: Costa Rica

Region: West Valley

Mill: Genesis

Elevation: 5450 feet

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Fully Washed


High in the hills of the Naranjo growing region in the West Valley of Costa Rica lies the home of Oscar and Olga Mendez and their majestic Genesis coffee farm and mill. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery visible from all sides of the farm, Genesis is truly one of the most spectacular farms we've ever visited. Oscar and Olga have a very focused approach to the production of their coffee as well as the coffee which comes from other nearby farms which they process at the wet mill at Genesis. They hold a holistic approach to the operation; only 50% of his land is made up of coffee trees - the rest is spoken for by shade trees and flora native to the region which provide ample care for the earth and ensure the long-term sustainability of the farm's land. As he told us during our visit to his farm in 2016, "Behind each bag of coffee is a social, ecological, and economic history." Genesis only produces about 100 bags of coffee a year, a limited amount of production that allows Oscar and Olga to pour every ounce of their passion and energy into the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of each of them. The result is that every pound of coffee produced by Genesis is of extraordinary quality. As Oscar so eloquently puts it, "You cannot produce great micro lots over night; it is like a religion."

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