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Colombia El Tambo

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Tasting Notes:

Sweet and balanced with a syrupy body and notes of exotic pineapple, caramel and milk chocolate.


Sizing Information:

12 oz. bag


Bean Profile:

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Betania, El Tambo, Cauca
  • Farm: La Laja
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Roast: Light
  • Processing: Fully washed
  • Elevation: 5740 ft


High up in Colombia’s southwestern region of El Tambo lies Finca La Laja, a 17 acre farm owned by James Fernandez Vivas. James has grown coffee for over a decade and has invested in his future as a grower, producer, and innovator by exploring creative processing techniques that result in magnificently exceptional coffees. He pays meticulous attention to fermentation, a process that produces acids which yield complexity and depth in coffee. His coffee cherries are harvested every 25 days during harvest season and fermented for 12 hours. The coffee is then depulped and fermented dry for another 12 hours before being dried on parabolic beds for 10-12 days. Parabolic beds enable growers to control drying times by allowing air to flow around coffee beans. They are an important coffee processing tool given Colombia’s rapidly fluctuating temperatures and humidity, and are instrumental in ensuring that beans dry evenly.

James’s work is exciting because it reflects a dual approach to coffee production that focuses on environmental stewardship as well as experimentation: While the majority of his farm is dedicated to coffee growing, one half hectare is set aside as a forest reserve in order to support local flora and fauna and bolster the environmental sustainability of his operation.

This offering comes to us from our friends at Cafe Imports, who loved this coffee so much they included it in their Aces lot program; Aces lots feature exclusive, outstanding offerings in very limited quantities. With only fifty 20kg bags available, we were fortunate enough to secure 5 bags total of this special lot! The program strives to empower growers, showcases successful experiments in growing and processing methods, and as a result, transfigures the coffee experience.

This coffee is no exception. A sincerely unique offering, this cup is sweet, balanced, and bursting with flavor. We taste exotic pineapple, caramel, and milk chocolate with a syrupy body. El Tambo is a truly winsome reflection of the innovation and diligence that went into producing it.