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Burundi Nemba

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Soft and balanced with notes of black cherry and peach before a sugary sweet finish.

Size: 12oz


Origin: Burundi

Region: Kayanza Commune

Washing Station: Nemba

Growers: 3,171 smallholder farmers

Elevation: 5,963 feet

Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Natural


The Nemba washing station lies in the northern province of Kayanza in Burundi and serves over 3,000 coffee farmers, each owning an average of about 330 coffee trees. The washing station is part of a group of washing stations that are managed by a common producing and exporting company. Each of these washing stations is managed and lead by an expert agronomist; this agronomist oversees the implementation of good agricultural practice, farmer education and quality control. They also collaborate with each contributing farmer to ensure they have access to the necessary farming tools. The agronomist then helps farmers determine and implement the practices best suited to the specific growing conditions of their farming lands. Nemba washing station also uses a monitoring system to ensure traceability all along the production and processing chain. The farms delivering cherry to Nemba are all located at an elevation around 5,500 feet, near the Kibila forest. Just like its neighboring country Rwanda, Burundi is planted with the Bourbon coffee tree varietal which is able to produce some vibrantly fruity cups, like this one!