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Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is the reason we are in the coffee business.
On November 22, 1978, as a high school senior studying in Costa Rica, Danny O’Neill picked his first batch of coffee beans. That’s when his passion for coffee started. Fifteen years later, using what he’d learned and the people he’d met picking coffee in Costa Rica, he founded The Roasterie in his basement in Kansas City.

About Costa Rica
Costa Rica has multiple coffee growing regions. Each has its own unique microclimate and soil composition, which creates subtle differences among the coffees from each region. Instead of being produced on a handful of large estates, much of Costa Rica’s coffee is grown by many small farmers, who bring their harvest to coffee mills for processing.

Some Costa Rican coffee is processed with a demucilager, a machine that uses friction to remove the fleshy layer of fruit from the coffee beans inside it. Compared with the more traditional washing method, which takes about 12 hours, the demucilager processes the coffee much, must faster, taking only 1/36 of the time — about 20 minutes. But speed isn’t the only advantage of the demucilager. It also uses about 1/200 of the water!

This last point is a good example of one very important feature of Costa Rican culture and values: a strong emphasis on conservation of the country’s abundant natural resources. For decades, Costa Rica’s land was plagued with deforestation due to industrial development. Now, through the people’s astounding conservation efforts, deforestation has been largely reversed, and a quarter of the country’s land is protected as national parks and reserves. That is pretty impressive!

Here’s another thing about Costa Rica’s green streak that impresses us. The electrical energy used by Costa Ricans is generated almost entirely from renewable sources, primarily wind, geothermal and hydroelectric. In fact, Costa Rica is expected to be the first country with a carbon-neutral footprint. It’s no wonder Costa Ricans are so protective of their natural resources. Consider this: although the country occupies just a tiny 0.03% of the world’s land, its vast biodiversity includes more than half a million plant and animal species — almost 4% of the total number of known species on the planet!

About Costa Rican coffee
You can’t separate the history of Costa Rica from the history of its coffee — that’s what a huge role coffee has played in the country’s development since coffee trees were first cultivated there in the late 1790s. Once coffee took root as a source of revenue for the country, the government started giving away land and coffee trees for free to anybody who wanted to grow coffee. Under this program, coffee became Costa Rica’s leading export. Coffee funded the nation’s development and infrastructure and continues to be an important driver of its economy. It’s so important, in fact, that the government regulates what species of coffee can be grown in Costa Rica. That’s why all Costa Rican coffee beans are Arabica.

Costa Rican coffee is characterized by its symmetry and balance. You’ll taste citrus, berries, and notes of roasted chocolate. The Costa Rican coffee in The Roasterie’s Origin coffees section is from Naranjo, a growing region in the West Valley. We purchase it from a mill, so the coffee beans come from multiple farms in the area. The mill is owned by our very good friend Grace, who is a kindred spirit when it comes to our exceptionally high standards of quality.

In addition to the Costa Rican coffee in our Origins section, you’ll frequently find other Costa Rican coffees in our Reserves section. Our friend Grace tips us off whenever there’s something unique that’s only available in limited quantities, and the Reserves section of our website is where you’ll find these gems. Due to limited quantities, each of these coffees sell out quickly, so you have to act fast to get your hands on them. And these selections change frequently, so check the Reserves section often!

Costa Rica has a special place in our hearts. It’s a breathtaking, magical land ofcloud forests and waterfall gardens, home of such exquisite treasures as quetzal birds, orchids, and warm, welcoming people who are passionate about their land and their coffee. And for us, Costa Rica is the home of our dream, the birthplace of this company we love. As The Roasterie’s master roaster Norm Killmon recently reflected, “If Danny had been an exchange student in Canada, we probably wouldn’t be in the coffee business.”

And our bean buyer Paul Massard agrees. “That is true. That’s where The Roasterie roots are, in Costa Rica.”

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  1. Costa Rica La Cruz Natural

    Costa Rica La Cruz Natural

    In the famous Tarrazu growing region of Costa Rica sits La Cruz, a beautiful little farm and mico mill owned and managed by Esteban Zamora. Learn More
  2. Costa Rica San Gabriel Cinnamon Anaerobic

    Costa Rica San Gabriel Cinnamon Anaerobic

    San Gabriel farm in the Turrubares region of Costa Rica sits on a beautiful hilltop, often in the clouds, at an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level. Learn More
  3. Don Quijote of Costa Rica

    Don Quijote of Costa Rica

    Rated 92/100 based on 23 customer reviews

    The Don packs a lush, sensuous aroma mated with a rich, bold flavor that simply melts in your mouth. It is perfectly balanced and produces a sweet, smooth, lingering finish.

    Learn More

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