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Colombia is one of the world’s largest producers of coffee and is unique in its ability to harvest coffee all year long. The Colombian coffee offered by The Roasterie is grown in the Huila region, in the southern part of the country. This coffee grows along the Andes mountains at altitudes of 5,000 feet and higher. The high altitude of the Huila region contributes to the unique flavor profile of its coffee. Higher altitudes yield a denser coffee bean, because it takes longer for the fruit to mature and coffee trees produce less fruit at a time at these higher elevations. When a tree’s energy is channeled into fewer coffee cherries, the coffee beans inside the cherries are denser, and this density gives the coffee more complexities.

We count our Colombian coffees among those we think of as “relationship coffees.” The Roasterie has been buying coffee from the same group of hardworking farmers in Huila for 14 years, and we’re strongly committed to reinvesting in the local community. For example, we help fund a community center and daycare center in the region.

Colombia Coffee Growers Federation
Colombia’s coffee growers are represented by the Colombia Coffee Growers Federation, or Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC), whose mission is to guarantee the well being of Colombian coffee growers. Committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability, the FNC has been defending the interests of Colombian coffee growers since 1927.

One important function of the FNC is to help ensure preservation and the economic viability of small farms. Without the FNC, these growers would lack access to economies of scale that tend to even the playing field between commercial buyers and larger coffee producers. The FNC’s Purchase Guarantee policy assures Colombian coffee producers that they’ll always find a buyer willing to pay a market price.

The FNC does a lot of other work, too. The federation sets standards designed to ensure quality control and consistency of all Colombian coffee. For example, Colombian coffee is all picked by hand and processed using a method in which the coffee cherry's outer skin and mucilage are removed and the beans inside are washed. The FNC also conducts scientific research, offers advisory services and education, and provides community development programs, commercial development assistance, and advocacy for Colombian coffee growers, at home and around the world.

In recent years climate changes have affected not only production levels of coffee in Colombia, but also the coffee itself. Colombia is affected by La Niña and El Niño, climate phenomena that cause changes in ocean temperatures of the equatorial Pacific. Uncommon rains have prevailed in Colombia’s coffee growing regions in the past few years. Excess moisture has left many of Colombia’s coffee trees vulnerable to roya, a fungus that can reduce yields and kill trees. The FNC has helped farmers recover production by distributing trees of the Colombia varietal, a non-genetically-modified hybrid developed for resistance to diseases such as roya, for replanting on coffee farms. However, it takes three to five years for a coffee tree to produce fruit, so Colombia’s coffee production isn’t expected to achieve previous levels for another few years.

In the meantime, some of the world’s highest quality coffee continues to be produced in Colombia. And at The Roasterie, we continue our commitment to not only offer Colombian coffees, but also to bring our customers the very best coffee the country has to offer.

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  1. Pitalito Estate of Colombia

    Pitalito Estate of Colombia

    Rated 100/100 based on 1 customer reviews
    Colombian Pitalito Estate is an award-winning coffee that has a smooth, full body and is noted for its winey fruit acidity and sugary sweet caramel finish. Learn More
  2. Colombia Pitalito Estate Decaf

    Colombia Pitalito Estate Decaf


    This award-winning coffee that has a smooth, full body and is noted for its winey fruit acidity and sugary sweet caramel finish.

    Learn More
  3.  Colombia Tolima Fair Trade Organic

    Colombia Tolima Fair Trade Organic


    Bright, winey and complex with notes of tropical fruits and honey with a soft cocoa finish.

    Origin: Colombia
    Region: Tolima
    Grower: Smallholder farmers contributing to the ASOPROCAFEES cooperative
    Elevation: 4,000 - 6,500 feet
    Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia and Typica
    Process: Fully washed
    Certifications: Fair Trade and Organic
    Learn More

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