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Panama Baru Hortigal - Roast at Home 1lb

Panama Baru Hortigal - Roast at Home 1lb

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Panama Baru Hortigal is produced by Nadeia Suarez on the beautiful Hortigal Estate in the Horqueta, Los Naranjos region of Boquete in Panama. The farm has many varieties of native shade trees including species known as cenizo, guabo and palomo. They are also very cautious of their environmental impact and produce as much organic compost as possible with the waste that comes from the coffee milling process.
Origin: Panama
Region: Los Naranjos, Boquete 
Grower: Nadeia Suarez
Roast: Light
Elevation: 4,500 - 4,900 feet
Process: Washed
Varietal: Typica


Home-Roasting Coffee

Coffee roasting is the application of heat to coffee beans in order to create chemical reactions that develop the complex aromatic and flavor components of the bean. The goal is to achieve a delicate balance of flavor, acidity, body and aroma that is both harmonious and intriguing. It is absolutely possible to roast coffee at home and with some practice, achieve this balance. It’s most important to begin with the best green coffee available. The quality of a cup of coffee is directly linked to the quality of the green coffee from which it was roasted and brewed. As a result, it becomes imperative to choose green coffee from only the most preferred green-coffee sellers.


There are many different ways of roasting coffee at home. The options are only dependent on how creative and innovative you want to be. The Roasterie utilizes the convection method of roasting. This is where heat is applied to the coffee beans evenly by tumbling the batch in drum, vortex or column of hot air, commonly known as air-roasting.

Home Air Roasters range from relatively basic to extremely high-tech. On average, they are significantly more economical than home drum roasters with the same ability to adjust time, temperature and even air flow. We recommend the Fresh Roast SR540 home roaster because of its ability to control heat, air flow and temperature combined with an attractively low cost.

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