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Roast level: Medium

French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

Rated 100/100 based on 3 customer reviews

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Tasting notes:
The exotic, deep flavor of vanilla blooms in our perfect roast. Mysterious and complex, the sweet vanilla essence complements the round body of the coffee and leaves with a lingering finish.

Bean Profile:

  • Roast: French


How in the world did vanilla come to be synonymous with ordinary? It just doesn’t fit. Vanilla is one of the most extraordinary of all flavors! Even the fact that it exists is a near miracle.

You see, vanilla can grow in a lot of places. However, it can only be naturally pollinated in its native Mexico. Why? Because only little Mexican bees know how to pollinate a vanilla flower.

So outside of Mexico, vanilla must be pollinated by hand. This involves carefully retrieving pollen from one tiny part of the flower and depositing it on another tiny part of the flower (or a different flower, if you want the vanilla pod’s seeds to be fertile). Hand-pollinating vanilla is a simple but delicate and painstaking endeavor.

What makes it harder is the fact that a vanilla flower only opens for a single day, in the morning, and that’s the only opportunity to pollinate it! If the flower isn’t pollinated on the day it opens, it withers without producing a vanilla pod. If a vanilla flower does get pollinated, it closes up soon after, and a vanilla pod appears within a few days.

Getting the pods to grow is just the beginning. At harvest, the vanilla pod doesn’t yet have any vanilla scent or flavor. To get that, the pod has to be cured and slowly dried over several months.

It leaves us wondering: who figured that out? The answer is the Totonacs, an indigenous people of Mexico, who discovered how to get vanilla flavor out of vanilla pods at least a thousand years ago. Why did they go to the trouble of curing and drying vanilla pods in the first place? That remains a mystery, but we sure are glad they did it. Otherwise, the world may have never known the wonderful flavor of vanilla. Thank you, Totonacs!

Recent Reviews Write a review

Rated 100/100
May 19, 2013
Delicious French Vanilla Coffee
A basket with 2 bags of coffee beans was shipped to someone in my office who is not a coffee connoisseur. He asked if I wanted the bags of beans, and of course I took them before anyone else had a chance to say anything. At home we have a coffee maker that grinds the beans, then starts the coffee, and we have a Keurig. But it's been a while since we have purchased whole beans, since we are spoiled with the convenience of a Keurig. UNTIL now. After trying the French Vanilla, we are hooked. By far the best coffee we have tasted. KC is lucky to have such a yummy brand of coffee. I'll be on the look out for discounts on shipping fees :)

Rated 100/100
August 14, 2010
French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

Rated 100/100
March 2, 2010
French Vanilla Flavored Coffee
Yummy! You have very good coffee. My best friend, who lives in Overland Park, KS sent my first pound of Roasterie to me about 1 1/2 years ago. She sent me more this past Nov and it's delicious.

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