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More and more of our customers are asking for either Fair Trade Certified or Organic Certified coffees. To meet both types of demand, we decided to offer coffees with both certifications. So today, all of our Fair Trade Certified coffees are also Organic Certified and vice versa.

Browse our Fair Trade & Organic Certified coffee beans below, and enjoy the top quality you can always expect from The Roasterie

About Fair Trade Certified coffee

The idea behind Fair Trade Certification is a simple one: farmers, including independent small farmers, should be able to get fair prices for the products they grow. One way to facilitate this is to help farmers have access directly to importers, rather than having to go through layers of “middlemen” who each mark up the product’s price before selling it on to the next link in the supply chain. Without having to sell at low prices to accommodate middlemen’s profits, there’s more room for the farmer to make a better profit.

Fair Trade Certification helps give farmers direct access and guarantees them a minimum price. It helps even the playing field between small independent family farms and large-scale corporate ones. And the Fair Trade model is a highly sustainable one because when farmers can make a better living from their work, they’re better able to invest in their land and the things they need to produce a quality product.

Fair Trade Certification can have a profound impact on the lives of farming families, on the development of their communities, and on the quality of products available to consumers.

About Organic Certified coffee

Organic farming is a way of producing food without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Organic farmers keep their soil fertile and productive using only natural, organic amendments, and methods. They manage weeds and pests through nonchemical means; for example, by using beneficial insects to control damaging ones. They plant only natural species and naturally cultivated hybrids, without any genetically modified (GMO) varieties. They place a high priority on sustainable use and management of their land.

Many coffee farms are organic by default anyway. But when you buy coffee that is Organic Certified, you can be confident that your coffee was grown according to organic principles, using land and practices that meet stringent standards for organic agriculture.

Certifications and quality

One thing that’s important to know about Fair Trade and Organic Certifications is that they don’t tell you anything about the quality of the coffee. Meeting specific standards of quality isn’t part of the requirements for these certifications. So an Organic Certified coffee can be produced in a way that meets all the standards for certification, yet isn’t a very good coffee. The same is true of Fair Trade Certified coffee.

At The Roasterie, we use only the very best coffee beans. Any Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffee we offer has to meet not only the requirements for both of those certifications, but it also has to meet our own very high standards for quality and flavor. Think of The Roasterie brand logo as the mark of an unofficial “third certification” of top quality that’s been awarded to all of our Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffees

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  1.  Colombia Tolima Fair Trade Organic

    Colombia Tolima Fair Trade Organic


    Bright, winey and complex with notes of tropical fruits and honey with a soft cocoa finish.

    Origin: Colombia
    Region: Tolima
    Grower: Smallholder farmers contributing to the ASOPROCAFEES cooperative
    Elevation: 4,000 - 6,500 feet
    Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia and Typica
    Process: Fully washed
    Certifications: Fair Trade and Organic
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  2. Blue Tawar Blend: Organic

    Blue Tawar Blend: Organic

    Rated 84/100 based on 9 customer reviews

    A spicy yet sweet caramel-like aroma is both refined and exotic. Subtle earthiness complements strong blackberry and blueberry notes in its smooth, full finish.

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  3. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic

    Rated 84/100 based on 11 customer reviews

    Light in body with delicate citric acidity, we taste fresh red berries, sweet lemon, and floral notes atop a subtle earthiness.

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  4. Guatemala Huehuetenango Fair Trade Organic

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Fair Trade Organic

    Rated 93/100 based on 12 customer reviews

    Internationally respected cuppers have referred to this combination of rich, floral aroma and slightly sweet flavor as a coffee that is "symphonic in the cup."

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  5. Mexico Fair Trade Organic

    Mexico Fair Trade Organic

    Rated 80/100 based on 2 customer reviews

    A light, fruity acidity complements the fully nutty body. Unique spicy tones enhance the long smooth finish.

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  6. Organic Fair Trade Espresso

    Organic Fair Trade Espresso

    Rated 91/100 based on 13 customer reviews

    This espresso packs a wallop we call The Velvet Hammer. It’s as smooth as silk, as intricate as Italian lace, with a subtle undertone of mocha that will touch the soul of espresso lovers everywhere.

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  7. Peru Cafe de Mujer Fair Trade Organic

    Peru Cafe de Mujer Fair Trade Organic

    Clean, round and balanced with notes of cocoa, baker's spice and toffee before a smooth finish. Learn More
  8. Sumatra Fair Trade Organic

    Sumatra Fair Trade Organic

    Rated 93/100 based on 8 customer reviews

    Altitude: 3600-4800 feet

    Varietal: Bourbon, Catimor, Typica

    Region: Aceh, Wonosari, Sumatra, Indonesia

    Producer: Ketiara Cooperative

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  9. Urban Growth KC Fair Trade Organic Blend

    Urban Growth KC Fair Trade Organic Blend


    Very full-bodied with an intense aroma that reverberates with a gentle dark chocolate flavor. An enjoyable lingering aftertaste to be enjoyed throughout the day.

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