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Roast level: Dark

Seattle-Style Espresso

Rated 93/100 based on 6 customer reviews

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Tasting notes:
Our Seattle-Style Espresso is a darker roast and with a pungent, smoky aroma and notes of roasted nuts and toasted caramel. We specifically created this one to go exceptionally well with milk, so it’s perfect for cappuccinos and large milk drinks.

Bean profile:

  • Origin: Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala
  • Roast: Italian


Our Seattle-Style Espresso is inspired by the dark-roasted style of espresso and coffee Seattle was famous for back when specialty coffee started gaining popularity in the coffee shops of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a secret blend of five different roasts from three different continents. Slightly darker than our European-style blend, it "holds up" beautifully in cappuccinos, lattes and large milk drinks.

Recent Reviews Write a review

Rated 100/100
October 12, 2016
The Smoothest Best Tasting Espresso For My Cappuccinos
I use the Seattle Style Espresso for the Aero-Press to make my deliciously smooth awesome tasting cappuccinos.
They use a Grind 5 (med) at The Roasterie which works perfectly with their Aero- Press. My daughter sent me more and had it ground for espresso- this however does not work well with the aero-press. I called them and asked how to order grind #5 on line and was told to order autodrip on shipments. Will let you know how that goes.

Rated 100/100
February 12, 2015
Excellent Flavor
I'm sure it holds up well in milk drinks, as stated, but it's great by itself too. I like a bold coffee, and have probably been conditioned to prefer dark roasts, but until trying this blend I was starting to think that I don't like the flavor of straight espresso. It's hands-down the best I've had so far in my new journey into espresso-land.

Rated 80/100
April 14, 2013
Low Caffeine
This has a good flavor, unlike the over-roasted, ashy flavor of all Starbucks beans. However, the darker the roast, the less caffeine, I believe. This had an unexpectedly low level of caffeine. I could never get enough espresso into my drink to give me the boost I was looking for from espresso. If you really need caffeine, try lighter roasted beans. If caffeine isn't an issue, or if you are looking for a lower level of caffeine, this makes a tasty drink.

Rated 100/100
June 4, 2010
Seattle-style Espresso

Rated 100/100
December 27, 2009
Seattle-style Espresso

Rated 80/100
December 26, 2009
Seattle-style Espresso
One of the staples of my expresso brewing. Best all around choice.