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Roast level: Medium

United Way's Live United Blend

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Tasting notes:
Candy sweet with dark chocolate overtones and hints of fresh flowers and ripe dark cherry.

Bean profile:


  • Roast: French

If you live in the Kansas City area and would like to pick this product up from our Plant (1204. W. 27th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108), please just give us a call at 816.931.4000 24 hours in advance. We roast only what we need, so once you call in your order, we'll have it ready the next day.


10% of the proceeds of this coffee go to the United Way of Greater Kansas City.

United Way of Greater Kansas City’s work is focused on community impact, seeking to improve lives and strengthen communities. While United Way continues its historic role as a fundraiser and investor in effective human services programs,there are underlying community challenges that cannot be solved by dollars alone, so is focusing efforts in several key areas to make even greater impact. United Way is doing more than just raising and investing dollars, but also working collaboratively with a whole range of community partners to achieve lasting results.