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Roast level: Medium

The Bridge Blend

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Tasting Notes:

The rich aromatics of this thick, round bodied coffee are truly great. Hints of honey, toasted sesame and peanut butter are immediately noticeable that coincides nicely with the lingering mesquite finish. This blend pairs well with cream, sugar and a brownie.

Bean Profile:

33.3% - Sumatra French

33.3% - Brazil French

33.3% - Colombia Italian. 


10% of the proceeds of this coffee go to The Bridge website.

We have to earn the right to play the music.

Our city is a true original. Kansas City is its own living, breathing, strange and beautiful ever-changing self-creating entity. It defies comparison, and so does its music.

The Bridge is a lot like the people who create that music. Genuine. Spirited. Surprising. Exquisitely un-self-conscious. We believe in spontaneity and in breaking down barriers between genres, between eras, between the familiar and the undiscovered.

We weave new, rare and local music into all of our playlists, right alongside familiar hits and classics you know and love, with the common thread of greatness. We connect music lovers with music makers through unique performances and interviews. No other station does what we do. And nobody else in town plays as much local music as The Bridge. Period.

We invite you to join a movement to revolutionize the way Kansas City discovers music that deserves to be heard: Tune in. Turn on. Listen local.

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