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11 of the Craziest Coffee Terms You’ve Ever Heard

While giving Roasterie factory tours, we often use “coffee jargon”.  We simply can’t help it–we’re accustomed to the coffee language!  We’re accustomed to coffee terms such as “crema”, “Arabica” and “chaff” and sometimes we get looks that make us realize … Continue reading

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3 Refreshing Roasterie Cocktails to Try Before Summer is Over!

Sitting on the patio watching the sun set and sipping on a delicious cold cocktail is what summer in Kansas City is all about.  But summer is quickly ending, Kansas City, and we’ll be back to snowfall and freezing rain … Continue reading

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Join us for August First Friday at The Roasterie

Get out your red pen because you have some editing to do to your calendar! Join us during First Friday on August 2nd here at the Bean Hangar for a very special event. What’s the special occasion you ask? Through … Continue reading

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Does Fair Trade Coffee Hold Up to its Name?

Imagine how many beans it takes to make a cup of coffee, got it? Okay, now pick one bean out of the bunch. That one bean has traveled a long and arduous journey to arrive into your cup. Along that … Continue reading

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4 Crazy Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds: Skin Care

Ahhh, coffee.  Most of us enjoy this hot beverage during the colder months (yet some of us still can’t get enough of it in the summer either!).  But if you’re not into drinking piping hot coffee when it’s so darn … Continue reading

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Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: India Beans

If there is one type of coffee bean that truly stands out from the rest, coffee from India.  Beans that come from the country of India do not taste (or even resemble) any other coffee bean on the market today.  … Continue reading

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Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: Guatemala Beans

It wasn’t too long ago that our Bean Hunter, Paul Massard, returned from The Cup of Excellence 2013 in Guatemala.  We absolutely love our coffee farmers and our beans from Guatemala.  Why?  Because Guatemalan coffee has a personality all its … Continue reading

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And The Roasterie Adventure Winner Is…

CONGRATULATIONS LOUISE ANDERSON!  YOU HAVE WON A BEAN PICKING TRIP TO COSTA RICA WITH THE ROASTERIE! We are so excited to finally announce the Grand Prize Winner for The Roaserie Adventure!  The Roasterie selected Louise Anderson from Fairfax, Minnesota to … Continue reading

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Coffee Spotlight: New Guinea Beans

In this edition of our coffee spotlight series, we’re heading to the world’s second largest island, New Guinea. Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean about 100 miles North of Australia and neighboring fellow coffee-producing country Indonesia, Papua New Guinea is … Continue reading

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Follow the Roasterie Bride: Hilary (Part 1)

Coffee and weddings may not seem to go hand-in-hand at first, but here at The Roasterie, we sure think they make the perfect match!  As a matter of fact, our newly opened Kansas City event space, The Bean Hangar, has … Continue reading

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