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Host Your Next Cultural Event at The Bean Hangar!

Perhaps the best part of our new Kansas City event space, The Bean Hangar, is its ability to transform to fit any event.  Our event space is simple, modern and industrial and with a few unique touches and strong vision, … Continue reading

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History of an Icon

Thanks to the incredible work of Jim Stella, we have learned the full history of the DC-3 plane that sits atop our Factory Café!  Take a look at our DC-3’s incredible history including where it’s been, what it’s done and … Continue reading

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Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: Panama Beans

Well it’s that time again (no, not peanut butter jelly time…or hammer time).  It’s coffee spotlight time–a chance for us to help you get acquainted with our coffee origins! All of our delicious Roasterie beans have traveled across the world … Continue reading

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Our Newest Roasterie Product Hits the Shelves! Coffee Balsamic Vinegar

Oops, we did it again! The Roasterie has collaborated with another delicious Kansas City brand to create our newest product–coffee flavored balsamic vinegar! Where did this idea come from? Our newest collaboration is with The Tasteful Olive, Kansas City’s premier … Continue reading

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Congrats to the 13th Semi-Finalist in The Roasterie Adventure!

We are thrilled to announce our 13th Roasterie Adventure semi-finalist!  Congratulations to Louise Anderson of Fairfax, Minnesota!  You’ve been entered to win a coffee bean-picking trip to Costa Rica! Louise’s photo is one of the funniest submissions we’ve seen in … Continue reading

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Roasterie 20-Year Customer Spotlight: Balls Food Stores

Twenty years ago, our Bean Baron Danny O’Neill was given a hint of advice: it wasn’t just restaurants that he should stock full of delicious Roasterie coffee—he should focus on grocery stores too!  So, in order to make a mark … Continue reading

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What Coffee Blend Should I Drink in the Summer?

  Happy first day of summer, coffee drinkers!  That’s right–June 21 is the official first day of summer across the United States.  Time to celebrate with fireworks, cookouts and…coffee? Who says you can’t drink coffee in the summer?  Believe it … Continue reading

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Palate Fatigue: Yes, Your Taste Buds Can Get Tired Too!

It can happen to anyone at any time. One minute you’re feeling an indescribable vibrancy and next an emptiness. It has sidelined the most talented cuppers in the field for minutes; hours in more severe cases.  We are talking about … Continue reading

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Roasterie 20-year Customer Spotlight: Eden Alley

Coffee and meat have been a powerhouse combination for years and years.  Just take a look at our Super Tuscan Coffee Barbeque Sauce or our coffee-flavored rubs.  Both of these products are absolutely delicious when paired with steak, hamburgers or … Continue reading

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Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your At-home Coffee Equipment

Cleaning: It’s a necessary evil of everyday life.  Cleaning is something no one likes to do, but everyone has to do it. We despise cleaning not because it’s a boring arduous task, but because it brings back memories of Mom … Continue reading

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