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Coffee 101: How to Use a Siphon

One of the things we love about coffee is its complexity.  What seems like a simple Cup o’ Joe goes through many steps and process to get that delicious taste we all love. We love using different methods to unlock … Continue reading

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Paul’s Guatemala Cup of Excellence Blog: Day 1

I am so excited to be in Guatemala participating as a judge in the Cup of Excellence 2013!  It’s been a very busy trip so far.  I left Kansas City Sunday on a direct flight straight to Guatemala City.  Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Brew Up Some Roasterie Iced Tea This Summer

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner!  Summers in Kansas City are particularly hot and humid.  And along with the hot air and clear skies, the city seems to come alive during the summer. There is so … Continue reading

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Do You Have What it Takes to be a Roasterie Bean?

Not just any bean can become a Roasterie bean.  Maybe that’s what makes us different—the fact that we scrutinize, study and taste every single shipment that comes into our factory in order to provide you with the best coffee in … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Smooth & Spicy Coffee

It wasn’t too long ago that Mexico had a “bad coffee reputation”.  The country was known to specialize in commercial-grade coffee for companies such as Nestle (specialty coffee companies and distributors didn’t go near the stuff!). Mexico has really turned … Continue reading

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Missouri, Are You Looking for Dizzy Three?

Kansas has had its fair share of Dizzy Three, our beloved air-roasted espresso flavored vodka.  But what about Missouri?  Where can our fellow Missourians find the delicious Roasterie espresso vodka that we all seem to love so much?  Lucky for … Continue reading

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Congrats to the 10th Winner of The Roasterie Adventure!

We are thrilled to announce our 10th Roasterie Adventure Finalist!  Congratulations to Ashli Salman of Overland Park, KS—you’ve been entered to win a coffee bean-picking trip to Costa Rica! Every Saturday morning, Ashli and her best friend meet at the … Continue reading

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Myth or Fact? Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

“Don’t drink that, it’ll stunt your growth!” is a phrase many kids hear when growing up.  As many of us can guess, the “that” being referred to is coffee. But does coffee really stunt a person’s growth?  Is there any … Continue reading

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We Love Our 20-year Customers!

We would not be where we are today without our team, collaborators and supporters.  But perhaps, most importantly, we would not be in existence today without our customers.  Our customers are the pulse behind The Roasterie and without them, we … Continue reading

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Roasterie Event Space Hosts First Wedding Reception

When we opened our event space, the Bean Hangar, back in October 2012, we were thrilled with the potential it had.  We could envision business meetings, luncheons, awards ceremonies, cuppings, coffee competitions and parties taking place at the Bean Hangar … Continue reading

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