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Adding a Little Varie-tea! The Roasterie Launches New Tea Line

  For almost two decades we have been known as the connoisseurs of coffee. And it’s true—we know everything when it comes to beans, brews and baristas. But we’ve been hiding another secret expertise of ours. And now, it’s time … Continue reading

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Become The Office Hero with The Roasterie’s Cargo Coffee

It’s Monday morning. As you trudge into the office, you cannot help but notice the yawns, sleepy faces and puffy eyes of your coworkers in their cubicles. After an exhausting (but fun) weekend, the last place you and your coworkers … Continue reading

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Coffee Tasting How-to’s: Perfecting the Coffee Slurp

If you’ve ever been out to the Bean Hanger for a tour or cupping session, there’s a very good chance you’ve met our resident Bean Hunter, Paul Massard. And if you’ve met Paul, you’ve probably also encountered his famous coffee … Continue reading

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$500 for a Pound of “Crappy” Coffee?

`Ever hear of coffee that has been made from…cat poop?  If so, you’ve probably thought it was just an urban legend.  The crazy news is, it’s absolutely true.  Many different coffee-producing countries have actually produced “crappy coffee”.  No, it’s not … Continue reading

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Fasten Your Seat Belts! A Trip Across the Bean Belt

The DC-3 airplane isn’t just the essence of the iconic Roasterie brand—it’s also the mode of transportation that will take us across the world’s Bean Belt today! That’s right! It’s time to fasten your seatbelts because we’re taking you across … Continue reading

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Coffee “Nose” Best! Does Coffee Cleanse Our Nasal Palate?

Ever walk around your favorite department store just to try on the newest fragrance? Whether you’re testing out the hottest new perfume or everybody’s favorite classic cologne, the experience is usually the same—the woman who spritzes it on your wrist … Continue reading

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Win a Roasterie Bean Picking Adventure to Costa Rica!

In honor of our upcoming 20th anniversary in 2013, The Roasterie is giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. You could with the chance to become the Bean Baron and go bean hunting with The Roasterie in Costa Rica! How? … Continue reading

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