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Roasting Up Our Brand New Site!

You may have noticed some pretty big changes on our site the past week or so.  That’s because we have completely remodeled, redesigned and reroasted our website into a new, interactive space just for our coffee lovers! Indulge yourself in … Continue reading

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The Roasterie Debuts New, Vibrant Kansas City Event Space!

Ten years ago, our Bean Baron, Danny O’Neill, needed guidance.  When he started his specialty coffee business in the basement of his home in 1993, he had no idea what challenges he would face as he began building The Roasterie.  … Continue reading

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Move Over, Red Bull Vodka! The Roasterie’s Dizzy Three Vodka is Here

We seem to have it all—coffee, tea, coffee rubs, coffee barbecue sauce, even coffee equipment, mugs and apparel. But we think we really hit the jackpot when we mixed two of our most beloved beverages together and produced the Roasterie’s … Continue reading

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Coffee Obsession: Which Countries Drink the Most Coffee?

There are times where it seems as if you can’t drink more coffee than the Unites States does. We have a coffee shop on every corner, in gas stations and even in our offices. We like our coffee made in … Continue reading

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Roasterie Street Team Coordinator Needed! Apply Today!

Are you captivated by coffee? Bonkers about beans? Charismatic about caffeine? If so, the Roasterie is looking for you! We are on the hunt for a Street Team Coordinator—a job that will allow you to immerse yourself into Kansas City’s … Continue reading

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Roasterie DC-3 Plane Install in Under 2 Minutes

It certainly didn’t take just 2 minutes to hoist our beloved DC-3 plane above our coffee factory. But thanks to our friends over at Cinematic Occasions, our plane’s installation can be viewed in just a short, beautiful and inspirational 2 … Continue reading

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Coffee and Meat: The Perfect Pair

Here in Kansas City, BBQ is a way of life. So why not blend every Midwesterner’s favorite outdoor grilling experience with everyone’s favorite morning beverage? That’s right—we’re talking about a combination of coffee and meat. And trust us—it’s a match … Continue reading

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The Roasterie Fuels Groggy Iowa State Students

There’s no denying it—falling asleep in class (at least once or twice in your life) is inevitable. In college, we’re constantly sleepy. It’s tough to keep up with exams, late night study sessions, loud dorm rooms, crazy roommates and of … Continue reading

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