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Road Trip with The Roasterie and KCPT

Remember when we went to Costa Rica on a bean-hunting expedition? Well, when the Bean Baron and Bean Hunter went? Some folks from KCPT went along, too, and documented the visits to the farms with which we do direct trade, … Continue reading

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Coffee History: The Coffee Filter

Today, Serious Eats explores the history of one of The Roasterie’s most favorite inventions: the coffee filter! And the credit for such a wonderful invention goes to a housewife from Dresden, Germany. As Serious Eats’ Erin Meister explains: “…perhaps the … Continue reading

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How to Properly French Press Coffee

Not sure what to do with one of these? Watch this! The Roasterie’s Bean Hunter, Paul Massard, demonstrates how to properly French press coffee.

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Yes, you do need that coffee!

There are all kinds of studies touting the health benefits of coffee, but a new one suggests that the need you feel for coffee every morning, and possibly again in the afternoon, is not only real, it’s genetic. According to … Continue reading

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Mug Shots

Throughout the month of April, we’re asking our Facebook fans to upload pictures of their coffee mugs to our page. At the end of the month, we’ll replace ten of them with a Roasterie diner mug. But to keep it … Continue reading

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