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For the global good: The Roasterie’s international causes

The St. Drogo Foundation

The St. Drogo Foundation was inspired by a good friend of The Roasterie, Sister Donna Ryan. She reminded us that St. Drogo is the patron saint of coffee, and St. Drogo is now the symbol for our dedication to countries of origin.

In addition to paying prices that are generally four times higher than what the commercial coffee companies pay, The Roasterie also contributes a percentage for every pound of coffee we buy to the communities where our coffee is grown. That money goes into the St. Drogo Foundation fund, where it is joined by money and “sweat equity” from origin communities.

With this money, The Roasterie has been able to make significant contributions to education in Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia.


We joined our friend Marcelo Vieira in bringing computers and high-speed satellite Internet service to a school in Brazil that didn’t even have a phone at the time. We also helped build a preschool for the younger children and, consequently, helped resolve the labor shortage problem in this area and provide opportunities for women to work outside the home.

Costa Rica

We used our Brazilian experience as a model for other countries. The next project was helping two preschools in Costa Rica. They were already up and running, but very short on funds, supplies and resources of all kinds. We joined our friends at Deli Café and started a long-term strategic partnership with the help of the community. Once again, this was their project, their planning and their sweat equity.


Over the years, the Colombian Coffee Federation has done a terrific job of helping develop infrastructure throughout the coffee country in Colombia. So, when our coffee growers approached us and said they had good schools and health facilities, but needed a community center, we knew what to do. Plans were drawn up, and a community center is being constructed in partnership with our friends at Cafe Condor S.A.

St. Drogo is just one more reason to feel good about choosing coffee from The Roasterie. You can take pride in knowing that the coffee you’re drinking is helping to raise living standards and fund important humanitarian projects in coffee- growing communities around the world.

The Roasterie needs your help!

If you can help us out with a couple more green initiatives we’d like to put in place, please give us a call at 816-931-4000 or email us at

Here’s one of the things we’re looking for right now. We’d like to recycle the poly- foil bags for our coffee, which we use to ensure freshness. But we haven’t yet found a partner. If you know of a company that may be able to help us out, please let us know at 816-931-4000.

The other thing we’re always looking for is an outlet for surplus waste coffee — the small amount of beans and grounds fall to the floor and can’t be used. These small amounts add up! We compost as much as possible, but still have extra from our Café in Brookside. If you’re interested in this compost for personal use, please shoot us an email at

As always, we thank you for your help and support!