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20 Years of The Roasterie

First Trip to Costa Rica February 11, 1978 – Bean Baron’s First Trip to Costa Rica

As a senior in high school, Danny takes his first trip to Costa Rica, where he falls in love with the culture and environment...even though he is a tea drinker. 

November 22, 1978 – Bean Baron Picks First Coffee Bean First Coffee Roaster

Although he doesn’t drink coffee, Danny explores the coffee fields of Costa Rica, interacts with the farmers and picks his very first coffee bean ever. Now Danny is hooked.

September 26, 1993 – Roasterie Makes First Roast Ever

Danny’s very first roaster, a 12lb Sivetz machine arrives at his home in Brookside. From the comfort of his basement, Danny air roasts his first batch of beans, and creates his first roast ever.

October, 1993 – Roasterie Kicks Off Charity Initiative

Inspired by a model developed by Ben & Jerry’s, The Roasterie makes its first charitable donation to Harvester’s Food Bank in 1993. Ever since, giving back to the community and helping others has been a mission of The Roasterie.

November 4, 1993 – The Roasterie Becomes an Official Company

The Roasterie becomes an official, incorporated company thanks to the help of Laura O’Rourke, now of the Culinary Center of Kansas City. 

December 7, 1993 – Roasterie Makes First Sale

The Roasterie makes its first sale in 1993—an espresso cart for the KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

March 6, 1994 – Stormin’ Norman Joins The Roasterie

“Stormin’ Norman” Killmon is the first official hire of The Roasterie as Master Roaster.

July 10, 1994 – The Roasterie Moves to 1519 Cherry St.

Danny and The Roasterie team move from the small basement in Brookside to an official location on 1519 Cherry St. The company purchases a 48lb Sivetz roaster to meet the demand of the public. Located across the street from a food bank, The Roasterie passes out free coffee to the homeless community as they wait in line for food in the winter of ‘94. 

December 9, 1995 – The Roasterie Relocates to 2601 Madison

Outgrowing the Cherry St. location, The Roasterie moves to 2601

Madison St. and purchases a 150lb Sivetz roaster. Hundreds of stories are logged in a journal about experiences with a ghost that haunts the Madison location. Roasterie employees decide to name the ghost “Pat.”

1996 – The Roasterie Reveals New DC-3 Logo and Stretch’s Awning

Created by local artist “Stretch,” The Roasterie reveals a new DC-3 airplane as the awning for its Madison location. The awning represents the adventure and spirit of The Roasterie brand.  

September, 2002 – The Roasterie Ventures to Panama

The Roasterie makes its first coffee bean-picking trip to the mountainous country of Panama.

October 17, 2005 – The Roasterie Opens First Café in Brookside

September 3, 2007 – The Roasterie Relocates to 1204 W. 27th St.

The Roasterie outgrew the Madison location and moves to 27th & Southwest Boulevard. The company purchases a 300lb Sivetz Roaster, but finds space to utilize all 4 roasters in the new location.

October 13, 2009 – The Roasterie Ventures to Panama (Again!)

The Roasterie embarks on its second coffee hunting trip to Panama. The team explores new coffee farms and mills, travels up breathtaking mountains and meets the farmers, pickers, tour guides, and restaurateurs.  

November 1, 2010 – The Roasterie Opens Second Café in Leawood

September 11, 2012 – Roasterie’s DC-3 Flies above KC Skyline

The Roasterie hoists a historic DC-3 airplane above its factory plant at 27th & Southwest Boulevard. The plane symbolizes the exploration of the best coffee in the world, Kansas City’s strong aviation history, the American spirit, and the adventure of The Roasterie. 

October 3, 2012 – The Roasterie Opens The Bean

Hangar Event Space/Plant Café

The Roasterie opens its event space, the Bean Hangar, and third café location at 27th & Southwest Boulevard, connected to the coffee factory.

January 2013 – The Roasterie Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Celebration

...and anticipates the next 20 years of adventure, spirit and fun!